Health Care Compensation

A woman who follows this blog wrote to tell me that the Annapolis Valley Health Authority had given the “community of Eastern Kings Memorial Community Health Centre” 11 days’ notice about changed hours at the clinic, starting October 3rd.

The health authority are also switching from a triage principle where the most seriously hurt/ill get helped first in favour of a first come/first served system. My contact wonders about the safety and liability implications of that and how the Health Minister and Premier would defend such a change.

Berwick at least got three months’ notice that their services were being cut. This is the third cutback by the local authority – they also cut summer surgeries – in their continuing effort to deal with their budget deficit. Interestingly, they still seem to resist cutting their administrative overheads, which are 60 percent above the national average.

Those interested in tracking health care administrative costs in Nova Scotia will be able to check local authority websites as of September 30 to see which executives earn what. This is the deadline for health authorities to comply with the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act, which requires the names and salaries of all public sector employees earning $100,000 or more, be published in a publicly accessible website.

(PS – I checked all 10 of the province’s health authority websites this morning, October 1st, and couldn’t find where any had complied with the Act. But I’m not surprised. These authorities are not used to being accountable.)

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