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A series of ideas for change

In case some of you have missed it, The Chronicle Herald in Halifax commissioned eight people, including me, to give their ideas for a workable, sustainable change to the health care system. These are links to all pieces: reading

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Seven switches to put “train wreck” health system on right track

Everyone, of every political persuasion, who has studied Canada’s health care system says it is unsustainable. That’s the catch-phrase du jour. Appearing on the CBC, Halifax-based health care consultant Mary Jane Hampton more modestly described Nova Scotia’s system as “a … Continue reading

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If it happens in Ontario, is it happening here?

Okay everyone, hold on to your teeth. These two articles detail the pays and perks of Ontario hospital executives which have recently been made public. There’s little I need to add, except that what one executive gets another wants. If … Continue reading

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