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What cost, the call? Or phone vs physician

I had an interesting note from a Nova Scotian doctor. It was about costs. And like everything in health care, the reality is screwier than the perception. As a potential patient we think doctors make out like bandits when we … Continue reading

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Let’s have an inquiry into our ageist health care system

Shortly after 10 am on October 15th an ambulance brought a 106-year-old woman to Valley Regional Hospital’s Emergency Room. The patient had a lump in her stomach and was physically ill. She was placed in a cubicle to be seen … Continue reading

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Revised per person health care costs

On October 14th I wrote that Nova Scotia spent $3,904.25 per person to pay for health care. Multiplying that figure by the 940,000 of us totals the $3,670,000,000 we spend annually on health care. While true on one level, I … Continue reading

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