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How universal is universal?

I have long wondered how universal our universal health care system really is. Residents in various communities around Nova Scotia have to pay for public services that those in other parts of their health authority don’t. For example, if you … Continue reading

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True generosity

As I write this, members of the local Mennonite community are wandering the halls of Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville, as they have for years, caroling. Men, women, teenagers and children go to every department of the hospital and sing … Continue reading

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Too expert to ask why we distrust medical professionals

On Saturday, December 8th, I listened to a disappointing discussion on CBC’s Day 6 program about a growing trend of patients recording meetings and actions of doctors and nurses. This has been in the news lately. Read this: And … Continue reading

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Delayed dialysis

Every health care announcement is controversial. So it is with the announced funding for a 12-chair dialysis unit at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville. On November 28th, Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson pledged $1 million to fund this … Continue reading

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