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The IWK’s murky damage control

On Thursday, in reaction to the bad media generated by action of hospital staff towards the treatment of Rehtaeh Parsons, the CEO of the IWK Children’s Hospital, Anne McGuire, engaged in what in public relations circles is known as “damage … Continue reading

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The outrages pile up

The outrages for poor Rehtaeh Parsons never seem to end. How in gawd’s name can, and dare, the IWK, justify a strip search of a teenaged rape victim by members of the opposite sex!?! And how can the Premier and … Continue reading

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Health care executives preserving their “entitlements”

Last Monday, the executives at Annapolis Valley District Health Authority (AVDHA) made an extraordinary, and for them, ill-timed announcement. Their announcement was to cut cafeteria services at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville. Beginning in mid-June the cafeteria will be … Continue reading

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