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Pictou security breach

A Pictou worker referred me to this incident: This employee wondered, “where were the bosses on Saturday, August 24th when all this took place? In what other workplace could a strange person go in, go through charts, work as … Continue reading

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Long-term care, the other side of the story

Anyone who has gone through or dealt with Nova Scotia’s placement process for getting an elderly resident into long-term care knows what a horrific, frustrating experience it is. Anonymous people make decisions which seem to conflict with or ignore medical … Continue reading

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Overlooked liability?

This item is from Ohio, but it is an idea/area of concern which applies to every jurisdiction. This should cause those in charge of work schedules, as well as nurses’ unions, to rethink what they expect from their staff. reading

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A great innovation in delivering care

In case you missed the CBC report, this is a very interesting front-line innovation. Paramedics in Deep River, Ontario realized that most of their 911 emergency calls were coming from seniors living alone. So they launched a preventive medicine … Continue reading

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