Overlooked liability?

This item is from Ohio, but it is an idea/area of concern which applies to every jurisdiction. This should cause those in charge of work schedules, as well as nurses’ unions, to rethink what they expect from their staff.


And do read the comments below the video clip. Over-worked nurses forced to drive while exhausted is not an unique experience.

Our nurses work 12-hour shifts. Their work is intellectually, emotionally and physically demanding. At the end of those 12 hours they must be dead on their feet. If they have any kind of commute after that, they’re a danger to themselves and others. And in our climate, they have the additional weather challenge, where they could be leaving work in a blizzard or just after one, when roads are icy, still covered in snow or facing low visibility.

It is a wonder more nurses aren’t hurt at the end of their shifts. Or maybe they are and we haven’t heard about it.

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One Response to Overlooked liability?

  1. woof says:

    All the kudos and credit to the RNs and docs who,sometimes,work 20 hr days and more. BUT…how efficient are they being and how reliable can some of their diagnosis be while they’re working in these extremely fatigued conditions?

    While I was still in the workforce my job was classed as safety sensitive and I was limited to 12 hr shifts, then had mandatory 10 hr rest periods and also mandatory 24 hr rest once a week. I can assure you my position was not as critical as making life saving decisions and when any mistakes were made, I was solely responsible and also liable.

    If any RNs or MDs are being “bullied” into working these long days and hours, those responsible (management) should be the ones disciplined.

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