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Health care: what’s in a name?

A CBC Information Morning interview on Tuesday, July 29 set me thinking of Shakespeare’s comment, “What’s in name? That which we call a rose
 by any other name would smell as sweet.” The interview was with Barbara Hall, Vice-President of … Continue reading

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Improper pay: more money issues for NS health care

Money continues to be a problem for Nova Scotia heath care. Not the amount with which the system is funded, but the on-going inability of those in charge to properly pay front-line workers. For example, two years ago we learned … Continue reading

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Why innovation fails

Two innovation experts have written a really clever, insightful article on why innovation fails. The first of their four points, Management pre-kill, is especially poignant for the transition planning underway for Nova Scotia health care. While they are focused on … Continue reading

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Health care’s confused communications

Sunday evening I was dinner with friends. Among the nurses in attendance was one who told me, “I’m uncomfortable with us moving to a U.S. style of health care. I’ve worked there and know how bad it is.” This is … Continue reading

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