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‘So So’ health care

Last week when the arbitrator contracted to settle union jurisdiction issues for Nova Scotia’s re-aligned health care system failed to submit his findings on time we saw a really pissed off health minister. The Minister’s pique and anger was a … Continue reading

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One storm tale, now two tales

Here is one tale of a man who almost died trying to get to hospital for his dialysis treatment. His story ended well. How many house-bound, house-care patients have suffered or been harmed because of delayed or missed treatments? reading

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What’s the weather plan?

This photo was posted on Facebook on February 15, 2015. I don’t know source of the photo or who placed the words over the image, but it shows the situation in Saint John, New Brunswick, which is not that different … Continue reading

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Canada’s drug policy: lots of photo ops, no action

Once again we wake to the news that Canada is experiencing drug shortages. This isn’t a new situation. According to the CBC, Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose is set to make a drug policy announcement today (February 10th) in Vancouver. … Continue reading

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Why aren’t ambulances included in universal care coverage?

CBC’s Marketplace has raised an interesting discussion on the cost of ambulance services in Canada. In an episode which aired on Friday, February 6th, Marketplace found a wide disparity in ambulance charges among the provinces. You can see more here: … Continue reading

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More snow, more stress

CBC TV evening news on February 3rd in reporting about the impacts of the latest storm, which has virtually brought Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and part of Newfoundland to a standstill, showed the streets of Saint John. … Continue reading

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