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A parade of professionals quitting the province

Last week’s headlines were dominated by the number of doctors fleeing Nova Scotia. Some are leaving for professional development denied to them here, some for competitive pay or better working conditions and/or access to operating rooms and equipment. The Friday … Continue reading

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An un-orderly life

This link is for a story about the experience of a Quebec hospital orderly, but from what I know of Nova Scotia, hers is a universal experience. The difference is that she wrote it down. It is worth a read: … Continue reading

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How FAST is health care?

This is Stroke Awareness Month. The Heart and Stroke Foundation are running ads to raise awareness to recognize when someone is having a stroke and to act quickly. The campaign acronym is FAST: F – is the face drooping? A … Continue reading

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History and health care, politicians and productivity

Elizabeth Beale is soon to retire as CEO of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. In a pre-retirement profile by Herald business columnist Roger Taylor, Beale spoke of her concern about productivity in this region. “The core issues around productivity are central … Continue reading

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Lost patients: an “incident” or “incidents”?

There is a troubling news article about a patient being discharged from the Valley Regional Hospital’s mental health unit without notification to his family and without shoes. The patient was discharged at 7 am. This suggests he could have … Continue reading

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