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How much does inattention cost health care?

A significant number of the issues I hear about concerning health care seem to derive from inattention. Whether that’s the care provided to the elderly, like the 106-year-old woman brought to Valley Regional ER by an ambulance with abdominal pain, … Continue reading

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The IWK Grace Maternity and a bad birth

The week of August 10th a young woman gave birth to her first child at the IWK Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax. She had a long labour (five days) and finally had to have a cesarean birth. After being delivered … Continue reading

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Nurse stresses and shortages not new

A lead item on this morning CBC’s news is about the amount of overtime thrust on Nova Scotian nurses, the stress this causes and how it highlights the critical shortage of nurses in Nova Scotia. The CBC article is here: … Continue reading

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