A case for our single health-care system

This is an important piece to read:


Britain’s two-tiered health care system – part private, part public – is a mess. The NHS is almost ready to collapse. As it is organized and run now, it is not sustainable. It is acutely short of cash.

Today’s Guardian newspaper reports that two-thirds of health trusts (like our health authorities) are in deficit. Their deficits have tripled just since 2015! Some trusts are taking money from capital spending and building maintenance – a billion pounds so far – just to pay staff. In the next three-to-four years the NHS will run an annual deficit of £22billion. In the UK they are contemplating significant “bed closures”. The cuts are so signifant that moderate language of of bed closures is actually code for closing over 150 hospitals or reducing them to little more than walk-in clinics.



Over the summer, 7,000 junior doctors threatened to strike and/or quit because of their working conditions and low pay.

But before anyone in Canada starts shouting for more money, we have to be reminded that money isn’t solely the cure. Study after study have said that more money makes solutions more expensive. The problem for Nova Scotia is a combination of wasteful or ill-conceived or passe medical practices, territorial protectionism that lead the public to unrealistic expectations, top-heavy administration and executive entitlement; in short: ineffective management.

As I have said in the past we have tinkered with every aspect of health, but one: management. After decades of failure to enhance patient outcomes the once constant has been management. We’re tried altering everything else, so the real innovation is down to new blood, with new perspectives in the executive suites. We have nothing to lose from such change.

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