NSHA admits missed deadlines

CBC reports that the province’s plans to staff collaborative care clinics has hit a snag. The problem is timing.

Dr. Lynne Harrigan, Vice-President of Medicine for the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) says the program is delayed because they missed the ability to sign medical residents. By the time the NSHA began approaching students they had accepted positions elsewhere. How could NSHA not foresee that?


I wrote about this in December:


The opposition parties blame the government for this, but shouldn’t the blame rightly lay with those who are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the health system? Playing politics with such failure doesn’t get us doctors and diverts attention from those who screwed up. It’s time for those in and seeking office set aside the quest for power and focus on patient needs, and that means the government and both opposition parties laying the blame at the desks of those who are unable to anticipate needs. Maybe someone new needs to be in charge.

Anyone who has been a student, friends with a student, parent of a student knows that they begin thinking about future employment long before graduation. Traditionally newspapers are full of ads purchased by the proud families of students showing them in their graduation robes announcing their scholastic success and the position they have accepted. Those running NSHA probably had the same experiences. Why didn’t they act sooner? They knew we needed doctors. Why is everything last-minute and only driven by desperation?


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1 Response to NSHA admits missed deadlines

  1. Bubbie says:

    It seems the only time governments act is when they are in a crisis or if there are people protesting in the streets which is probably the point we have reached

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