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Corporate governance, confidence and care

In spite of the scandal involving the IWK’s CEO expenses and role the Chief Financial Officer played in smoothing over the bumpy, uncomfortable details, confidence has been expressed in the IWK. Confidence is the pro-forma, generic response. In attempting to … Continue reading

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Imagine there were no doctors

To highlight the depth of Nova Scotia’s doctor shortage I’ve studied the 2016 census figures to provide a geographic perspective and give these statistics a sort of face. Picking up on John Lennon’s theme of imagining, imagine there are no … Continue reading

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Doctor shortages by the numbers

A new poll by Corporate Research Associates says 13 percent of Nova Scotians (approximately 122,000 people) don’t have a family doctor. That’s probably an optimistic number. Statistically, Nova Scotia appears to almost qualify as a medical nirvana, with one of … Continue reading

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Rot at the top of the IWK

The IWK CEO expense scandal illustrates there is rot at the top. As the CBC peels away the layers of this scandal and subsequent cover up I think Nova Scotians and Atlantic Canadians, since the IWK is the regional children’s … Continue reading

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Liberal math is bad for doctors

The Federal Liberals have announced plans to change the tax law with regard to small businesses. The federal Liberal message is that people who earn $50,000 shouldn’t pay more taxes than those who earn $250,000. It’s an offensive message because … Continue reading

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No hardship in paid leave of absence

Having the IWK’s Chief Financial Officer take a paid leave of absence sends a mixed message. Does it suggest he failed in his job or was bullied into submission by the previous CEO or that the individual is an impediment … Continue reading

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Fudging the figures and playing the expenses

Are the financial improprieties of the IWK Children’s Hospital’s former president and CEO the first shoe to drop on fiscal mismanagement of the health care system? Those in charge of public institutions always imply that thanks to their extreme due … Continue reading

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