NSHA fudges the facts

Whenever the Nova Scotia Health Authority promotes an idea or cancels a service they crow that their decisions are “evidence based”. They don’t do anything without examining and studying it closely.  Their evidence-gathering process is so cumbersome that it pretty much impedes progress. It took them over two years to even consider beginning the doctor recruitment process!

Now, the CBC has done the leg-work to further show how flawed the NSHA’s “evidence-based” decision process is. The CBC traced the process for deciding not to participate in the annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course. This April event in St. John’s is an annual recruiting opportunity for health authorities to meet over 600 medical students and family doctors. Every province and jurisdiction in Canada attended, except for Nova Scotia. A two-hour flight wasn’t in our budget.

When the news originally broke about NSHA’s failure to attend this event, executives claimed the cost didn’t make sense based on previous un-favourable results. BUT the CBC’s investigation raises the question of truth and accuracy in what NSHA says. The NSHA’s evidence-based decision making relied on eight-year-old information! The NSHA didn’t exist the last-time anyone from Nova Scotia attended the event. And the NSHA fortress mentality prevented them from checking with colleagues across Canada to see how useful the event was or consider if a better message delivered by a new recruiter would make a difference. Maybe the executive lack faith in their recruiters?

The Nova Scotia Health Authority fudged their facts. They have misled the people, the Premier and the Health Minister. What else have they been purposely wrong or misleading about?

Read the CBC report here:


The NSHA executive seem to embrace a White House-like casualness towards facts. Yet again Nova Scotians are left to wonder how can we trust them?

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