Gabrielle Horne speaks

Finally, Dr. Gabrielle Horne is speaking up about the hell Nova Scotia health care put her through. Her story is a warning to potential medical professionals thinking of working here as well as to Nova Scotians, about who to trust, and to those politicians who continue to shield the guilty.

This is an important read:

In the reader comments two writers wrote:

MG59 said, “In the interest of fairness, I would be curious to hear the other side of this story.

“I’m not saying that she is necessarily misrepresenting things, but anyone with life experience dealing with powerful people in high level organizations knows that there are two (or more) sides to these internal conflicts, and she seems to be alleging conspiracies and dark dealings among a large number of people.

“Count me a bit skeptical.”

AceMcFool added, “I guess I’ve been around too long to reaily (sic) believe in such one-sided perspectives, especially when so many people are involved.”

This article is Dr. Horne finally speaking after a decade of persecution and litigation in which that unheard ‘other side’ spent in excess of $10 million taxpayer dollars to try to silence her and protect the vanity and professional reputations of those who were in the wrong.

In Nova Scotia we reward resumes, not results.

While the original complainant may have been a male physician, the harm was carried out – and funds approved to do so – by women. Specifically, former CEO of the Capital District Health Authority, Chris Power, who is now CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Power was in charge when the spurious accusations were made against Dr. Horne. Then, when the Nova Scotia Health Authority was formed, CEO Janet Knox, a long-time friend and colleague of Power, approved a multi-million appeal against the initial court ruling for Dr. Horne.

In the interest of public health, better health and fairness, the public needs to remember that the courts TWICE found in favour of Dr. Horne.

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3 Responses to Gabrielle Horne speaks

  1. ausca says:

    Just another reason (as if one were needed) to allow the NS Auditor General to go through the NSHA with a fine tooth comb. Was spending $10m of public money litigation a cardiologist and researcher a good use of that money? I’d love to know how.

    I expect The Empire will strike back any day now.

  2. buddyboy546 says:

    What a telling story this is. I find it interesting that commenters still show schepticism even after a lengthy nightmare period for Dr. Horne has fully exonerated her.

    Her story as presented is very well written and compellingly told. I am left with some despair that the people responsible for this travesty continue their lives as though not much happened while she is no doubt still recovering from it. At the very least, those responsible for not exposing her treatment for what it was need to have the cleansing light of day shone on their conduct and their reasoning. While punishment should perhaps not necessarily be their fate, they should wear an appropriate amount of shame and, at the same time, it would provide the system with a chance to improve itself. Such travesties should never happen, leave alone at such great public expense.

    So many people failed in their duty of care, failed in their duty to the public. Bravo to Dr. Horne for staying the course.

    • Just think of the public pensions which will be paid to those who were wrong, those who supported this wrong-action and those spent so many millions to protect reputations that didn’t deserve protection.

      Today we’re speaking of health care, but this can be spread out across every file government is involved in. For example, why should the public spend hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up the environmental mess created by for-profit corporations? Specifically, Boat Harbour. Where are those who complain that any government spending announcement should be for hospitals and health care?

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