More doctor losses

Four months ago the walk-in clinic in New Minas posted a notice that they were no longer accepting walk-in patients. A month ago they announced the impending closure of the walk-in clinic. The clinic has closed. These signs are in the entrance of what was that clinic.

This illustrates the absolute desperation in the delivery of health care in Nova Scotia.

Further to this are the unfathomable actions of the Nova Scotia Health Authority under the leadership of president and CEO Janet Knox. On Thursday, June 27, a Valley physician told me he knew of four physicians who were interested in establishing family practices in the Kings-Hants County area (Kentville to Windsor). Three of those physicians were only offered half-time practices by the NSHA and the limitations on the fourth were such that none of these doctors could make a living here!

These four doctors have moved their search for host communities for their medical practices outside of Nova Scotia.

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2 Responses to More doctor losses

  1. Bubbie says:

    There appears to be lots of money for the money losing ferry that possibly won’t run T all this summer, money to clean up the pollution for a paper mill in Boat Harbour, money for an art centre in the old convention centre, money to provide a new airport to save super wealthy business people an extra hour of travel time to Cape Breton to play golf, money for an arts and cultural centre on the Halifax Waterfront, totalling in the hundreds of millions of dollars but the government can’t find money to pay front line nursing home staff whose wages have been frozen for almost six years or to increase financial incentives to keep doctors from leaving the province.

    Instead of catering to corporations and the wealthy, Mr. McNeil needs to cut his trips abroad, after making forty seven trade trips around the world, including seven trips in six years to China, and start admitting our health care is in a crisis. He needs to start paying attention to the needs of the people and provide the quality of health care people have been paying for through their taxes over the last fifty years and continue to pay through more taxation and eighty-five percent of their gross income for long-term care, directly out of their pockets.

    In a recent meeting with Health and Wellness Minister, Randy Delorey, it appears he thinks it is OK with twelve-hour waits for ER medical Care and shows no signs of urgency to fix the miserable state our health care system is in.

  2. buddyboy546 says:

    Unbelievable, even for the NSHA.

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