Dementia misdiagnosis?

I don’t normally write about medical treatments. There are so many websites of dubious background and knowledge promoting cures or mis-informed warnings based on little more than some celebrity musing.

Then there are the coffee shop experts who usually know somebody whose neighbour’s cousin had the same thing and this is what was done to fix them … I still believe in those who invested the time to earn their medical degree.

This is about a misdiagnosis. My family previously suffered from a misdiagnosis which our health authority refused to acknowledge, probably for fear of litigation. And I have a friend in England whose daughter had been diagnosed with bi-polar disease. For 10 years she was in and out of expensive clinics (£10,000-a-week) and treated with various antipsychotic drugs. But, as extraordinary as it sounds, after a decade the doctors realized this young woman had a thyroid condition! She was decades ahead of when such a condition normally impacts women and this, coupled with the drugs she received, enhanced her anti-social, self-destructive behaviour. Once her thyroid condition was recognized and treated ‘normalcy’ returned to her life.

Below is a piece I believe rates consideration. It is by a reputable writer from a legitimate media organization, who would have fact-checked and used first-hand, original sources about this new Canadian therapy. I believe this is worth sharing to expand the conversation of the provincial medical community:


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