No noses!

Once upon a time women’s breasts and all human genitalia were not to be seen in public. During the COVID-19 pandemic noses are part of the list of body parts not to be exposed to strangers.

But whether I’m at the Farmers’ Market, grocery store, bank, pharmacy or elsewhere I see noses peering out over the top of masks. Even at a Covids pop-up testing site in Wolfville I saw a worker improperly wearing her mask. It started out delicately balanced on the tip of her nose, leaving gaps on the sides of the nose for air to freely flow. Then it slipped down to mid-nostril, further enhancing air flow.

Proper mask wearing means covering the nose. And yes, as a glasses wearer I know that can cause lens to fog up. Foggy lens should serve as a second-by-second example of the need to cover your nose in public and indicate how successful mask-wearing is in thwarting unintentional spread of the virus.

Too many people are not wearing their mask properly. It may be comfortable to hang it under your nose, but masks are not only to cover your mouth. For the most part we aren’t mouth breathers, we breathe through our noses and thus can inhale or spread the virus through the nose. So cover it! 

Stop going commando with your face. 

A Postscript:

As we have seen in the storming of the Capital Building in Washington some people don’t know how to win friends and influence people. 

So it is with some commentators to this site. People don’t have to agree with me, but they have to do better than toss out Trumpian reasonings and conspiracy theories or ideas rehashed multiple times from foreign and right-wing sites. For example, I don’t believe the current pandemic and virus are some plot by liberal (small ‘l’) governments to seize greater control and undermine the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

If you look, this is happening to every country and every government is reacting. It is not something manufactured by a provincial or federal government you don’t like. It seems to me that those jurisdictions which are doing the worst in managing the pandemic are those with conservative-leaning governments. Quebec just announced a province-wide curfew. Ontario and Alberta are not managing soaring infection rates. Nor does the UK and USA.

Conservatives talk a good line about fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets, but they don’t walk the talk and deliver on those budget dreams. In Nova Scotia, Canada, the US and USA conservative governments have added the most to the public debt. The US deficit has gone from $585 billion to $7.2 trillion. John Buchannan was a lovely man, but blew up the provincial finances. Mavis Buchannan famously said in an interview with Atlantic Insight magazine, “John’s a brilliant man, but he has no common sense.”

Stephen Harper is falsely given credit for saving the Canadian economy from the 2008 economic downturn. That’s wrong. Paul Martin was the politician, who as finance minister, said no to the Bank of Montreal and Toronto Dominion banks when they asked to have banking regulations changed so they could compete on the world stage against the US banks. 

As a self-made billionaire who understood money and finance, Martin said no to the Canadian banks. He said depositors and investors needed the protection. That no saved our economy from the crippling effect of the 2008 downturn. The elegant chairman of the BOM took a $48-million golden handshake and went to London where he took control of Barclay’s and Lloyds banks, did what he wasn’t allowed to do in Canada and turned these centuries old companies into penny stocks.

Back on our shores Harper added more to the national debt than any other government. He had the flexibility of running up the debt because for the previous 12 years Martin’s surpluses went to paying down the debt.

So the failed economic theories of these conservatives have been transposed to managing the pandemic. Conservative premiers, presidents and prime ministers claimed they wanted to support businesses by keeping them open. Unfortunately infection rates soared because of the mixed messages and fear of regulation. They created yoyo openings and closings that have done even more harm to businesses, employment and health care.

I also won’t allow my site to be used as a platform to promote fundraising for social media celebrities and causes.

And I’m not going to debate whether wearing masks are effective or what type of mask is effective. Around the world medical researchers and leaders tell us that mask-wearing is effective. How effective your mask is is up to you. Mask-wearing is a small personal concession in the fight against the pandemic. If nothing else it shows our support of our community.

As for forced mask-wearing being a violation of your Charter rights, the precedent has been established. We have all manner of safety/health-based rules and regulations which are in line with Charter Rights. For example, we are required to wear seatbelts when travelling in a vehicle. We are prohibited from texting or talking on a hand-held device when driving. We are not allowed to smoke in any vehicle which may also be used to carry a person under the age of 16. Our vehicles have to be licensed, safety-inspected and insured. There are limits to how much a person can drink before driving. A town near me has a by-law which makes it illegal to smoke within five meters of a doorway, window or air-intake system. Wearing a mask around others is no more of a loss of rights than these.

As for your right to go maskless, others have the right to refuse to associate with you. You must respect the rights of property owners to stipulate what is acceptable dress and behaviour for people frequenting businesses on their property. Business owners have the right to require patrons wear a mask in an attempt to protect other shoppers, staff and reduce liability and fines for being in violation of temporary emergency measures. The property and business owners don’t have to believe in the effectiveness of mask-wearing or agree with government, but make the business decision to reduce the potential for fines and litigation. That’s their right. Stay home and order in.

Then there is the accusation I was afraid of what the commentator said. Nope. The “crickets” you heard are no doubt fed by your inner conspiracy theories. I didn’t have the time. We had an elderly relative in another province who had to go into emergency care. Because of travel restrictions family couldn’t be there in person to deal with this. Then on Dec. 9th a gentleman who has been a long-time resource for me died. Dec. 10th a friend’s father died. Dec. 11th a family-friend died. I was trying to be as supportive as pandemic regulations would allow. Additionally, I had my own work to do as well as dealing with all of the commitments around a confused holiday. This year I lost five long-time friends. I have a schoolmate who is palliative. And in nine days in August we lost a long-time neighbour and four members of my immediate family, including my sister and uncle. 

Fear of what someone says hasn’t silenced me. It’s simply a matter of life’s priorities.

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10 Responses to No noses!

  1. Hilarious..

    Now you are a Karen! What is difference going Commando versus doing what you suggest with a Non-Medical mask…

    • We don’t know who has and hasn’t got a non-medical mask. If you have made the effort to buy and put one on, wear it properly if only to deter people like me approaching from a respectful distance to suggest you’re not doing it properly.

      I also know from store managers that customers have hauled them aside to complain about other customers who aren’t wearing their masks over their noses. I know of a farmers’ market which sent someone around to ensure all vendors had their noses covered and a second person to ask customers to cover up.

      People in health care tell me it matters. So it doesn’t hurt to refresh the message to some who have simply gotten sloppy in their habits.

  2. buddyboy546 says:

    Fair comments. I heard it said that the angle that a person wears the peak of their baseball cap at is inversely proportional to his or her IQ. The same can be said for masks. Any thinking person would be doing their best to wear a mask properly. On the positive side, the vast majority of people are wearing their masks, most of those covering their faces properly.

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