Senior advocates expect Tory government to honour their promises

A press release from the Advocates for the Care of the Elderly (ACE) congratulates the new Progressive Conservative government for their election win. And as a reminder of the Party’s promise to seniors summarizes those campaign details.

The press release says in part: “In every election change is promised but it is not often that major commitments are made to senior citizens living in Nova Scotia’s overcrowded, understaffed Long – Term Care system” says Gary MacLeod of The ACE Team ( Advocates for the Care of the Elderly). Post horrendous Covid 19 deaths in LTC the Progressive Conservative Party and Premier – Elect Tim Huston have made significant measurable promises of 2,500 single bedrooms, 2,000 new health care staff, 4.1 hours of care each day and the necessary funding to produce a generational change in how Long-Term Care is provided in Nova Scotia. “There will be relief today among the 400 seniors waiting in hospital for a Long-Term Care Placement. I can image a few tears shed by the 1,000 seniors and their adult children providing care while they live alone at home in precarious situations. For the 20,000 expected to need LTC by 2030 I’m sure they’re seeing this as a good first step” say MacLeod.

Good governance is reliant on political party’s matching their election promises with budgets, legislation and policies. “Thankfully the Progressive Conservatives have provided measurable Long-Term Term Care  commitments and timelines which all Nova Scotians can hold them accountable to” says Paul Jenkinson of The ACE Team.

“The ACE Team is looking forward to working with government  to measuring government progress on commitments made and to advocating for other improvements in Long-Term Care” says MacLeod. End of press release.

ACE are not newcomers to the long-term care issue. They have been involved for almost 15 years. They have first-hand experience, extensive research and a multitude of practical ideas for making the lives of those in care better. A new government would be wise to listen to them, to engage with them and not waste time on more studies of known facts and situations.

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3 Responses to Senior advocates expect Tory government to honour their promises

  1. buddyboy546 says:

    Fair comment overall. I certainly hope the new government do not embark on further expensive, time consuming studies to look again at what has already been well looked at. If they do, we will know they are cut from the same cloth as previous governments who presided over the current debacle. I sense, however, our new government will be bolder, more decisive. They certainly have the mandate.

  2. Bubbie says:

    Thank you, Allan, for posting the ACE Team’s press release and the wonderful comments. It has been a long weary road travelled to where we are today. It is too bad it took a pandemic and 53 lives lost at Northwood Long-Term Care Facility to shine a light on the horrific conditions that exist within the LTC system.

    The ACE Team has been hammering away at all different governing parties trying to get improvements for LTC. Even over the last eight during the Liberal reign, we were met with the stiffest resistance. We also tried meeting with Gary Burrill and the NDP. They seemed aware of all the nasty conditions in LTC and the deteriorating conditions of Health Care but were uninterested in talking to us about our suggestions for improvements. Things only began to change when the PCs started to talk to us in earnest about two years ago. We gave them the ACE Team’s brief developed by team member, Ian Johnson after much brainstorming. The PCs used much of the brief’s content to develop the PC’s Seniors Plan for LTC. I never expected it would be the PCs who would run with it and commit so strongly to fix not only health care but LTC as well. I always thought it would be the NDP, but they fell far too short by promising 2500 beds in eight years. The NDP turned their sights on housing and rent control. Housing is certainly in a crisis mode but it is my personal belief if health care and LTC could be fixed other social ills like housing would have to follow. I believe this was the reason for the NDP’s poor showing in the election.

    This election surrounding health care in this province certainly garnered the interest of Prime Minister Trudeau who committed $9B to the provinces for LTC.

    Mr. Houston stated he was hitting the ground running to get started with the promises he made during the election and stayed on message for the past year with his plan to fix health care with the promise of creating 2500 new LTC and hiring 2000 CCAs. The ACE Team has reached out to the Premier Designate with a suggestion to meet in the near future and offered our assistance.

    Hopefully, we can get the kind of LTC fit for human dignity the ACE Team has envisioned for so long.

    • When you meet with the new Premier press on him the need to act and not study. The studies have been done, but health care executives have been exempted from acting on or implementing their recommendations.

      We know the problems, we know the solutions. The lack of action rests solely with health care executives who failed to act when the Tories were last in office, when the NDP held government and during the term of the Liberal government. Change requires action, which is not something the executives do. They pretend to act by continuing to meet, discuss and study.

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