Curious COVID count and conditions

Today, September 14, the Province of Nova Scotia said 72.2 percent of the population was fully vaccinated. That is lower than the 75 percent required for the province to go to the fifth stage in the recovery.

Since the vaccination count was specific enough to include the .2 percent, I question our numbers. Nova Scotians who received a vaccination – either one or both shots – outside the province haven’t been counted. That’s because we currently have no way of confirming their vaccinations. Or we don’t accept any confirmation from any jurisdiction outside Nova Scotia.

Given the number of people who seem to have received vaccinations, whether travelling on business or to see family or who spent winter at their southern vacation homes (and I know a number of people in these categories who received vaccinations in Ontario, Alberta, BC and Florida) could we have met that 75 percent criteria if these people were counted? 

My second concern is the curious impediment we have to vaccinating people. For some reason hospitalized Nova Scotians are unable to be vaccinated while patients. I know someone who had two hospitalizations in the last month. They spent a total of 14 days at Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville. While a patient he asked about getting his second vaccination and was refused. He was told it would have to be done at a vaccination clinic. There was no mention of getting a vaccination at a pharmacy.

Since pharmacies can also administer the vaccination I don’t understand why a fully accredited hospital with doctors, RNs and pharmacists in-house can’t vaccinate a patient. There are several thousand people in hospital on any day of the week. Vaccinating them would also raise our numbers. It would also seem to make sense. So why isn’t this done?

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2 Responses to Curious COVID count and conditions

  1. buddyboy546 says:

    You make excellent points. Also not included are Nova Scotians vaccinated as part of a federal programme, eg. armed services members. That in itself must be a significant number. What is evident is that, as good as we are as a province, we are not handling this aspect anywhere near as efficiently as we could or should.

    • Thanks. And why wouldn’t we count military personnel? Does that non-count extend to their families? The military is the largest employer in the province. You have CFB Greenwood, Halifax, Stadacona and Shearwater.

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