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The acute doctor deficit in Kings County should concern all Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s health care shortages are almost biblical: no room at the inn, or hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. Common-sense, backed up by research, says that having a family physician improves health. The physician-patient relationship means illnesses are caught earlier, … Continue reading

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Knox needs to explain herself

Janet Knox needs to explain herself. In a province that has an acute shortage of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, why does Knox constantly squander surgeons? Situations like that of Dr. Jeannie MacGillivray, who when facing burn out found … Continue reading

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Is the NSHA anti woman?

A rash of resignations within the ranks of doctors makes me wonder if the Nova Scotia Health Authority is anti-woman? I know the CEO Janet Knox is a woman, but that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t subscribe to the theory … Continue reading

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Doctor prescribes change of leadership at NSHA

Dr. Bob Martel has written an important piece about health care in Nova Scotia. The Herald posted it to their website, but I fear too many people may have missed the notice and link to Martel’s piece. Go here: Dr. … Continue reading

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Nothing new in senior care paper

  Tuesday an “expert panel” released a study into senior care in Nova Scotia. Is there anything here we didn’t know? Nope. This situation has been the reality for the decade since my family first faced it and it … Continue reading

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Would you work for the NSHA?

Would you work for the Nova Scotia Health Authority? Doctors Nova Scotia have issued a position paper on the value of family physicians. It is an unprecedented paper. The fact that the organization which represents family physicians felt the need … Continue reading

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The real cost of private health care

On Boxing Day a friend, who is spending the winter in the United States, suffered a stroke. Fortunately, it was a mild event and she bounced back in less than three days. It was not the major episode an earlier … Continue reading

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