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More meaningless sounds from the NSHA

The one thing the Nova Scotia Health Authority excels at is making comforting sounds. And why not, they have a public relations army in their employ. It’s ironic because their response to any query is to throw up the patient … Continue reading

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Compromised accreditation?

Is the hospital accreditation process compromised by coercion? In Nova Scotia our health authorities traditionally cherry-pick the results to build a story that everything is fine and our system is maintaining national standards. But these same health executives ignore results … Continue reading

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Lost patients: an “incident” or “incidents”?

There is a troubling news article about a patient being discharged from the Valley Regional Hospital’s mental health unit without notification to his family and without shoes. http://herald.ca/novascotia/1290585-discharged-mental-health-patient-walks-15-km-in-sock-feet The patient was discharged at 7 am. This suggests he could have … Continue reading

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