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A series of questionable bills from Valley Regional Hospital needs investigation

It has happened to us. Rick Anscomb’s experience with Valley Regional Hospital happened to us. A February 20th Herald article “Man was in no state to sign NSHA document, wife says” tells how Anscomb of Kingston suffered a stroke, was … Continue reading

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Time to reorganize the Nova Scotia Health Authority

Directly behind Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville, at the entrance to the executive parking lot sits Pioneer House. It is 100 metres from the back of the VRH and 50 metres from the hospital maintenance department. Pioneer House, the VRH … Continue reading

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More meaningless sounds from the NSHA

The one thing the Nova Scotia Health Authority excels at is making comforting sounds. And why not, they have a public relations army in their employ. It’s ironic because their response to any query is to throw up the patient … Continue reading

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Compromised accreditation?

Is the hospital accreditation process compromised by coercion? In Nova Scotia our health authorities traditionally cherry-pick the results to build a story that everything is fine and our system is maintaining national standards. But these same health executives ignore results … Continue reading

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Lost patients: an “incident” or “incidents”?

There is a troubling news article about a patient being discharged from the Valley Regional Hospital’s mental health unit without notification to his family and without shoes. http://herald.ca/novascotia/1290585-discharged-mental-health-patient-walks-15-km-in-sock-feet The patient was discharged at 7 am. This suggests he could have … Continue reading

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