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*    I had planned to add an index to the site so if someone is looking for a fast reference they could look there. However, the site has a search option, so that makes an index redundant.

*     I will be adding a piece on hospital horrors across the province and country. This isn’t just pointing a finger and complaining, it illustrates a systemic problem in how Canadian health care administrators handle mistakes, problems and errors, and how they automatically resort to secrecy to hide the reality of our system.

*     I will be detailing how unreceptive the health care system is to questions. If you express your concerns their response is to label and dismiss you as a troublemaker and therefore not someone who has to be taken seriously.

Stay tuned. These and more topics will be added. Keep checking and share this place with your friends.

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  1. Bill says:


    “Our hope in raising this solution is based on the belief that all political parties in Nova Scotia would agree that timely essential health care should be viewed as a Canadian right and freedom under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” wrote Ian MacDonald.

    Halifax, NS, May 11, 2017: CARP Volunteer Chair Ian MacDonald exhorted all three major party leaders and candidates in his letter on Wait Times and CARP N.S.’s Priorities for the 2017 Election. CARP N.S. believes a new non-partisan model should and could solve the over 8 years of crisis of Nova Scotians having to endure the worst wait times in Canada. (letter attached)

    “Therefore, if you and your party can say “Yes, we believe timely essential health care is a right of every Nova Scotian.” Your party along with your opponents will give Nova Scotians the confidence that whether in power or in opposition that you will come together in good faith to create a non-partisan strategy. A strategy that can be implemented to move all essential orthopedic surgeries’ wait times to less than 1 year including the creation of an on-going system following 2019 that meets the national benchmark every year” wrote Ian MacDonald

    Such a bold coming together of leadership to finally solve this almost decade long crisis by 2019 with an operational goal of getting the wait lists down to the national bench mark of 90% of essential orthopedic surgeries for hip and knee replacements completed within 182 days by the end of 2019 with a sustainable system to stay at the bench mark from 2020 on.

    It is CARP’s hope that non-partisan support in solving this crisis would also support the evidence based goals of the Shift Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for an Aging Population which reflects many of CARP N.S.’s priorities. CARP encourages all the parties to commit to implement the plan goals through Mandate Letters.

    CARP is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to a ‘New Vision of Aging for Canada’ promoting social change that will bring financial security, equitable access to health care and freedom from discrimination. Our mandate is to promote and protect the interests, rights and quality of life for Canadians as we age. Currently, we have eight thousand members in the province age forty-five years and over.

    CARP Nova Scotia 2017 Priorities

    for the next Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature

    CARP Nova Scotia supports the SHIFT: Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for An Aging Population recommendations and calls on all the political parties to commit to support the implementation of the plan and provide Mandate Letters to the various Provincial Government Departments to achieve its goals.

    CARP Nova Scotia’s top 5 priorities for the next Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature are:

    1. Health Care reform (Reducing surgical wait times to meet national benchmarks, increasing homecare funding and improving supports for caregivers) By 2020, funding formula currently applied to long term care should also be applied to home care. Collaborative care centres must be established across the Province so that seniors (and others) have local access to all health services.

    We eagerly anticipate the long promised Long Term Care Strategy documents from the Department of Health.

    2. Support for Senior Entrepreneurs & Age Friendly Work Places. Immediately after the election, Government must act on the SHIFT: Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for An Aging Population recommendations for age friendly workplaces and senior entrepreneurs. This will both increase income security for enterprising seniors and those who by choice or necessity need to participate in an age friendly work place.

    3. Pharmacare – CARP urges full consultation with the Group of IX Seniors Advisory Council to the Provincial Government in the development of the new Pharmacare Plan. CARP members want a new plan to be fair, affordable and efficacious for all seniors including the addition of shingles vaccination for at risk seniors who have had chicken pox in their medical history. We also call on all the partied to actively promote and support actions toward a National Pharmacare program.

    4. Dementia Strategy – CARP is extremely disappointed that the vaunted Dementia Strategy approved in 2015 was not supported in either the 2016 and 2017 NS Budget. The goals outlined in the strategy must be resourced and accomplished now.

    5. Aging-in- Place and Age Friendly Communities – As part of the Aging-In-Place Shift goals government needs to expand and accelerate funding and policies that impact senior housing in their own their homes, apartments or public housing. This includes renovations, affordability and accessibility to needed community services. This will create safe care settings for Aging-in-Place. Age Friendly Communities support Collaborative Care and create awareness for Nova Scotia’s new Accessibility Act.

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