Z – Political contacts

If you have an issue with the health care system, here’s a list of all Nova Scotia MLAs. Write to yours or to all of them. Squeaky wheels and all that. If we want change, we have to speak up. It’s no good grumbling among ourselves, tell those who authorize the cheques and who accept cheques for representing us that we’re not happy. If they don’t hear from us, how can they act for us?

The list is copied from the Legislative website. MLA/Minister’s name, constituency, phone number and email.

Don’t suffer in silence. Call your rep or appropriate minister constantly.

Barbara Adams PC, Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage

1488 Main Road
P.O. Box 116
Eastern Passage B3G 1M5

Phone: 902-406-0656
Fax: 902-406-0070
E-mail: barbadamsmla@gmail.com

Patricia Arab Liberal, Fairview-Clayton Park

Minister of Internal Services and Communications Nova Scotia

3845 Joseph Howe Dr, Suite 203

Halifax B3l 4H9

Phone: 902-329-8683
Fax: 902-444-7530
E-mail: info@patriciaarab.ca

Jamie Baillie PC, Party Leader, Cumberland South

6 McFarlane Street
Springhill B0M 1X0

Phone: 902-597-1998
Toll-free: 1-888-923-2262
Fax: 902-597-8080
E-mail: jamiebaillie@bellaliant.com


Keith Bain PC, Victoria-The Lakes

1415 Highway 105
Bras d’Or B1Y 2N5

Phone: 902-736-0301
Fax: 902-736-0411
E-mail: keithbainmla@bellaliant.com

Gary Burrill NDP, Party Leader, Halifax Chebucto

No contact information

E-mail: gary@nsndp.ca

Karen Lynn Casey Liberald, Colchester North

Deputy Premier and Deputy President of the executive Council, Minister of Fiance and Treasury Board, Minister responsible for credit union, insurance, liquor control act, gaming, securities, utility review.

30 Duke Street, Suite 10
Truro B2N 2A1

Phone: 902-893-2180
Fax: 902-893-3064
E-mail: karencasey@ns.aliantzinc.ca


Claudia Chender NDP, Dartmouth South

33 Ochterloney Street, Suite 120
Dartmouth B2Y 4P5

Phone: 902-406-2301
E-mail: claudiachendermla@gmail.com


Zach Churchill Liberal, Yarmouth

Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development

396 Main Street, Suite 100
Yarmouth B5A 1E9

Phone: 902-742-4444
Fax: 902-742-7391
E-mail: ca@zachchurchill.com


Keith Colwell Liberal, Preston-Dartmouth

Minister of Agriculture, and Fisheries and Aquaculture

2345 Highway #7
P.O. Box 1 Comp 4
East Preston B2Z 1G6

Phone: 902-433-1494
Fax: 902-435-1712
E-mail: keithcolwell@eastlink.ca

Chris d’Entremont PC, Argyle-Barrington

6-4200 Highway 308
Tusket B0W 3M0

Phone: 902-648-2020
Fax: 902-648-2001


3640 Highway 3
P. O. Box 94
Barrington Passage B0W 1G0

Phone: 902-637-3507
Fax: 902-648-2001
E-mail: barrington@chrisdentremont.com


Randy Delorey Liberal, Antigonish

Minister of Health & Wellness, and Gaelic Affairs

155 Main Street, Suite 202
Antigonish B2G 2B6

Phone: 902-870-5899
Fax: 902-735-3375
E-mail: office@antigonishmla.ca


Lena Metlege Diab Liberald, Halifax Armdale

Minister of Immigration, Acadia Affairs and Francophonie

Unit 101
1 Craigmore Drive
Halifax B3N 0C6

Phone: 902-455-1610
Fax: 902-455-2998
E-mail: info@lenadiab.ca


Rafah DiCostanzo Liberal, Clayton Park West

287 Lacewood Dr., Suite 303
Halifax, B3N 3Y7

Phone: 902-443-8318
Fax: 902-445-9287
E-mail: Rafah@Rafahdicostanzo.com


Pat Dunn PC, Pictou Centre

342 Stewart Street, Unit 3
New Glasgow B2H 2R7

Phone: 902-752-3646
Fax: 902-752-6571
E-mail: patdunnmla@bellaliant.com


Mark Furey Liberal, Lunenburg West

Minister of Justice, Attorney General, Minister responsible for labour relations, election act, human rights, workers’ compensation, retail business, police complaints, police review, disabled persons,

425 King Street
Bridgewater B4V 1B1

Phone: 902-530-3883
Fax: 902-530-3919
E-mail: markfurey.mla@eastlink.ca


Leo A. Glavine Liberal, Kings West

Minister of Communities, Culture & Heritage, Minister of Seniors, minister responsible for heritage property and voluntary sector

GW Sampson Building
694 Main Street
P.O. Box 250
Kingston B0P 1R0

Phone: 902-765-4083
Fax: 902-765-4176
E-mail: leoglavinemla@kingswest.ca


Tim Halman PC, Dartmouth East

73 Tacoma Drive, 2nd Floor
Dartmouth B2W 3Y6

Phone: 902-469-7353
Fax: 902-469-7351
E-mail: timhalmanmla@gmail.com


Larry Harrison PC, Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley

87 Main Street West
PO Box 219
Stewiacke B0N 2J0

Phone: 902-639-1010
Fax: 902-639-2598
E-mail: larryharrisonmla@gmail.com


Lloyd Hines Liberal, Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie

Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal, Minister responsible for Sydney Tar Ponds

Chedabucto Center
9996 Highway 16
Unit P-1
PO Box 259
Guysborough B0H 1N0

Phone: 902-533-2280
Fax: 902-533-3039
E-mail: lphines@ns.sympatico.ca


Bill Horne Liberal, Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank

Suite 101, 1265 Fall River Road
Fall River B2T 1E6

Phone: 902-576-3411
Fax: 902-576-3413
E-mail: billhornemla@gmail.com


Tim Houston PC, Pictou East

2042 Queen Street
Site 40, Mod 7, Comp 7, RR #2
Westville, B0K 2A0

Phone: 902-695-3582
Fax: 902-695-3581
E-mail: pictoueastsue@gmail.com

Tony Ince Liberal, Cole Harbour-Portland Valley

Minister of the Public Service Commission, Minister African Nova Scotia Affairs

1081 Cole Harbour Rd Unit 6
Dartmouth B2V 1E8

Phone: 902-406-3288
Fax: 902-406-3358
E-mail: tonyince@tonyincemla.ca


Keith Irving Liberal, Kings South

3-24 Harbourside Dr.
PO Box 2455
Wolfville B4P-2C1

Phone: 902-542-0050
Fax: 902-542-3423
E-mail: keith@irvingmla.ca


Ben Jessome Liberal, Hammonds Plains-Lucasville

2120 Hammonds Plains Road, Unit 3
Hammonds Plains B4B 1P3

Phone: 902-404-9900
Fax: 902-404-8415
E-mail: jessomeben@gmail.com


Brad Johns PC, Sackville-Beaver Bank

Unit 103, 1710 Sackville Drive
Middle Sackville B4E 3A9

Phone: 902-865-6467
E-mail: mlabradjohns@gmail.com


Labi Kousoulis Liberal, Halifax Citadel-Sable Island

Minister of Labour & Advanced Education

Halifax Professional Centre
5991 Spring Garden Road, Suite 365
Halifax B3H 1Y6

Phone: 902-444-8200
Fax: 902-444-8222
E-mail: labi@labimla.ca


Susan Leblanc NDP, Dartmouth North

260 Wyse Road, Suite 102
Dartmouth B3A 1N3

Phone: 902-463-6670
Fax: 902-463-6676
E-mail: susanleblancMLA@bellaliant.com


Suzanne Lohnes-Croft Liberal, Lunenburg

PO Box 136
125A Cornwall Road
Blockhouse B0J 1E0

Phone: 902-531-3095
Fax: 902-531-3094
E-mail: lunenburgmla@eastlink.ca


John Lohr PC, Kings North

Suite A, 401 Main Street
Kentville B4N 1X7

Phone: 902-365-3420
Fax: 902-365-3422
Email: johnlohrmla@gmail.com


Karla MacFarlane PC, Pictou West

25B Front Street
P.O Box 310
Pictou B0K 1H0

Phone: 902-485-8958
Fax: 902-485-5135
E-mail: pictouwestmla@bellaliant.com


Hugh MacKay Liberal, Chester-St. Margaret’s

209-9977 St. Margaret’s Bay Road
Hubbards B0J 1T0

Phone: 902-826-0222
E-mail: hugh@hughmackay.ca


Geoff MacLellan Liberal, Glace Bay

Minister of Business, Energy, Service Nova Scotia, Trade and Minister responsible for NS Business Inc, innovation, tourism, gaming control and residential tenancies

Peoples Mall
219 Commercial Street, Suite D
Glace Bay B1A 3B9

Phone: 902-842-4390
Fax: 902-842-4389
E-mail: mla@geoffmaclellan.ca


Alfie MacLeod PC, Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg

1724 Kings Road
Sydney River B1S 1E9

Phone: 902-564-8679
Fax: 902-564-1204
E-mail: alfiemla@eastlink.ca


Allan MacMaster PC, Inverness

15759 Central Avenue
Inverness B0E 1N0

Phone: 902-258-2216
Toll-free: 1-888-968-7652
Fax: 902-258-3231
E-mail: mlamacmaster@bellaliant.com


Brendan Maguire Liberal, Halifax Atlantic

349 Herring Cove Road. Suite C.
Halifax B3V 1R9

Phone: 902-444-0147
Fax: 902-444-8941
E-mail: brendan@brendanmaguire.ca


Tammy Martin NDP, Cape Breton Centre

3365 Plummer Ave
New Waterford B1H 1Y8

Phone: 902-271-3681

E-mail: tammymartinmla@gmail.com


Kim Masland PC, Queens-Shelburne

279 Main Street
P. O. Box 1206
Liverpool B0T 1K0

Phone: 902-354-5470
Toll-free: 1-833-354-5470
Fax: 902-354-5472
E-mail: Kim.maslandmla@gmail.com


Stephen McNeil Liberal, Annapolis

Premier, President of the Executive Council, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Aboriginal Affairs and responsible for regulatory affairs, military relations and youth

291 Marshall Street, Suite 2
Box 1420
Middleton B0S 1P0

Phone: 902-825-2093
Toll Free: 1-800-317-8533
Fax: 902-825-6306
E-mail: stephenmcneil@ns.aliantzinc.ca


Margaret Miller Liberal, Hants East

Minister of Natural Resources

693 Highway 2, Unit 1
Elmsdale B2S 1A8

Phone: 902-883-3465 or
Toll Free: 1-855-383-3465
Fax: 902-883-3293
E-mail: margaretmillermla@bellaliant.net


Derek Mombourquette Liberal, Sydney-Whitney Pier

Minister of Municipal Affairs

710 Victoria Road
Sydney B1N 1J2

Phone: 902-562-8870
Fax: 902-562-5220
E-mail: info@mombourquette.ca


Kevin Murphy Liberal, Eastern Shore

Speaker of the House of Assembly

Unit 9
Porters Lake Shopping Centre
5228 Highway #7
Porters Lake B3E 1J8

Phone: 902-281-3005
Fax: 902-281-3006
E-mail: info@kevinmurphy.ca


Eddie Orrell PC, Northside-Westmount

309 Commercial Street, Unit 5
North Sydney B2A 1B9

Phone: 902-794-4847
Fax: 902-794-1815
E-mail: eddieorrell@bellaliant.com


Alana Paon PC, Cape Breton

4 MacAskill Drive
PO Box 148
St. Peters B0E 3B0

Phone: 902-535-3500
Toll-free: 1-833-652-7266
Fax: 902-535-3600
E-mail: alanapaon@alanapaon.com


Chuck Porter Liberal, Hants West

58 Gerrish Street
P.O. Box 3873
Windsor B0N 2T0

Phone: 902-798-5779
Fax: 902-798-4093
E-mail: chuck@chuckporter.ca


Iain Rankin Liberal, Timberlea-Prospect

Minister of the Environment

1268 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Suite 100
Beechville B3T 1A7

Phone: 902-404-7036
Fax: 902-404-7056
E-mail: info@iainrankin.ca


Kelly Regan Liberal, Bedford

Minister of Community Services, Minister responsible for the Status of Women

1550 Bedford Highway, Suite 555
Bedford B4A 1E6

Phone: 902-407-3777
Fax: 902-407-3779
E-mail: kelly@kellyregan.ca


Lisa Roberts NDP, Halifax Needham

Suite 1000 – 6080 Young St.
Halifax B3K 5L2

Phone: 902-455-7300
Fax: 902-455-7668
E-mail: lisarobertsmla@gmail.com


Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin PC, Cumberland North

111 Victoria Street
Amherst B4H 1X9

Phone: (902) 661-2288
Fax: (902) 661-0114
Email: mla@esmithmccrossinmla.com


Dave Wilson NDP, Sackville-Cobequid

Suite 105, 51 Cobequid Road
Lower Sackville B4C 2N1

Phone: 902-864-0396
Fax: 902-864-8409
E-mail: davewilsonmla@eastlink.ca

Gordon Wilson Liberal, Clare-Digby
PO Box 111
Church Point, NS
B0W 1M0

E-mail: info@claredigby.ca

Little Brook Office:
1287 Highway 1
Little Brook, Nova Scotia

Phone: (902) 769-6683
Fax: (902) 769-2576

Conway Office:
138 Highway 303
Conway, Nova Scotia

Phone: (902) 245-5300
Fax: (902) 245-4596


Lenore Zann NDP, Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River

Suite 212, BMO Building, 35 Commercial St
Truro B2N 3H9

Phone: 902-897-9266
Fax: 902-897-1841
E-mail: lenorezannmla@bellaliant.com




4 Responses to Z – Political contacts

  1. Gill Bennett says:

    This is helpful – do you have email address for Diane Calvert Simms and her Executive Assistant Stephen Thomson please. Thank you

    • Thanks. I don’t have that information. Public health care executives shield themselves as much as they can from the public. All I have been able to find are two telephone numbers. Dr. Calvert-Simms office number (when she was in Patient Services) was 902-567-7814. There is a number listed for Patient Representative, tho’ no name of an individual, 902-567-7268. The office number for the previous CEO is listed as 902-567-7802. I would expect that in moving into the executive suite the people may change, but the office number stays the same.

      So the best I can offer is to call the number and ask for an email address. If someone is actually prepared to engage in conversation, make notes and then follow up with a letter summarizing the conversation. It is important to create a paper trail, whether on actual paper or a cyber record.

  2. SadOldMan says:

    Just wanted to comment, I spoke with my MLA (who is on this list). It was a waste of time. I was referred back to the same Community Health nurse who told me I was untreatable as I ‘don’t do the work’. Nobody has any power in a system ruled by this premier’s fascist attitude:


    Thanks for your blog!

    • Sorry that the system isn’t working for you. Is there any chance an alternative therapy/therapist would be beneficial?

      I started this site when the health care system failed our family. I wrote the NDP Health Minister an eight-page letter with my concerns over the care our family member was receiving. I included five pages of supporting documents. I got a bullshit response that the Minister couldn’t act because that would be political interference. I was too stressed, too trusting to challenge that at the time. I was the person with medical authority and I asked for help. Meanwhile, there were executives with nothing to do with the case who were interfering.

      With 18 months of front-line dealings, followed by eight years of writing and research my conclusion is that politicians are irrelevant to health care. They all live in fear of the executives, who have a history of complaining about the lack of financial support as a hinderance to care. But those executives never say how much is enough. They don’t accept responsibility for their failures or incompetence. And the public has mostly directed their hostility to the government du jour, in part, I think, because no one wants to criticize a nurse or a doctor – and don’t think of the problems the executives create.

      Our health care system, like all systems, is designed to wear complaints down. The trick is to remain calm and icily clinical and pepper them with letters and emails to create a paper trail of their failure. A time will come when someone asks why they didn’t act – that someone may not be from within the organization, it could be around an election, or it could me media. Good luck.

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