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Two-tiered health in the Valley

The doctor shortage in Middleton, which is causing Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital to close their ER more than normal, doesn’t make sense. In an article in this morning’s Chronicle Herald, we learn that doctors working the Middleton ER are paid $55 … Continue reading

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Privatized grass is not greener

When people advocate a two-tier health care system or privatizing parts of our universal health care system, they conveniently forget an ugly side of health care economics. With our current system we are watching costs soar. Governments, health care experts, … Continue reading

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Curious cuts to care

There are curious choices made in our health care system. In September of 2011, Annapolis Valley Health reduced clinic hours in Berwick and Wolfville as a way to save money. In the spring of 2012 the health authority made $100,000 … Continue reading

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Hospital food: red ink and red flags

To badly paraphrase Oliver, ‘food, inglorious food!’ Food is a fast way to make large profits. It’s an even faster way to lose great sums of money. That’s why Canada’s banks don’t loan money to restaurants. It takes great skill … Continue reading

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