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Health ministers admit VG wasn’t a priority

This article by CBC reporter Jean Laroche is a must-read: It is stunning beyond belief that successive governments haven’t seen the declining conditions of the VG as a priority. That building didn’t suddenly get into its crappy, toxic state … Continue reading

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The VG’s ‘Third World’ conditions

On Tuesday, January 19th, Nova Scotians woke to hear an Edmonton woman’s complaint over unsanitary hospital conditions in Halifax. Shelley Vaughan came to Nova Scotia to donate a kidney to a stranger. They were matched via the Canadian Blood Services … Continue reading

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Do what you say you will do

An editorial in The Chronicle Herald, “Better care for dying”, addressed national issues around end-of-life and palliative care. While an important discussion to have, however late we are in having it, what about the local situation? Locally, we are … Continue reading

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The systemic problems with hospital construction

As we are forcibly careening towards new hospital construction in Halifax we should be fearful. Nova Scotia’s finances and health needs are too stretched, too fragile to accept the usual screw ups, delays and cost-overruns that are the signature of … Continue reading

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How did we get into this mess?

Spurred by what seems like the disaster-du-jour with the VG, a letter writer to Saturday’s Chronicle Herald asked, “The more I hear about the deterioration of the Victoria General Hospital, I have to wonder how we got into this mess.” … Continue reading

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