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Capital Health’s coffee losses grow

According to a news item which aired on Friday’s CBC Information Morning the Capital District Health Authority has several Tim Horton’s and cafeterias that have produced a $5 million loss over the past five years. Brian Rankine, director of … Continue reading

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Health care’s outrage du jour

On Tuesday a bereavement group met. Several of the women in the group were complaining about the lack of care available at their local hospital. The meeting’s consensus was if you don’t have a family member bedside to constantly advocate … Continue reading

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Health care and technology

A colleague’s friend’s mother has been seriously ill requiring several hospitalizations. More recently a series of shorter stays has been intermixed with multiple visits to the ER since no bed was available. Some weeks the mother had to make multiple … Continue reading

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Sprinklers: protecting property or people?

Since the nursing home fire in L’Isle-Verte I have been very concerned by a seemingly smug, over-confidence leading to complacency based on Nova Scotia’s regulations requiring sprinklers in newer buildings. This over-focus on sprinklers is unsettling and lazy. I’m not … Continue reading

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