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New contract a shining example of health care failure

We are constantly told there is a doctor shortage in Nova Scotia. Yet, statistically we are about where we should be in terms of patient-doctor ratios. The problem with statistics is they get skewered by geography, since most of our … Continue reading

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Confused by Collaborative Emergency Centres

Ever since former health minister Maureen MacDonald announced the launch of Collaborative Emergency Centres (CEC) I have been confused. These centres are to help alleviate backlogs in, and closures of, ERs and provide faster care for Nova Scotians. It’s a … Continue reading

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Forensic failings

The report into practices at the East Coast Forensic Hospital, which was prompted by the murder of Raymond Taavel by an accused who was absent without leave (AWOL) from the hospital, says the hospital should build a smoking area on … Continue reading

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The real purpose of health care studies explained

A contributor named Bubbie just wrote a comment to my October 24, 2011 blog post Nova Scotia Health Care: is management, not money, the real issue? I have approved Bubbie’s comment for that page and thought it so insightful I … Continue reading

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A pissy policy

Almost every day this summer I seem to have heard of some passionate, generous Canadian doing something to raise money for health care or various medical research projects. Some people cycle or run vast distances. Some politely strong-arm others to … Continue reading

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