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Surgeries stymied by sterilization

The cancellation of hundreds of surgeries in Halifax because of problems sterilizing surgical instruments at the Halifax Infirmary and VG sites are unfortunate for many levels. This setback hurts patients and families. People suffer longer and lives are in upheaval … Continue reading

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Sterilization and the lack of change

Capital Health is cancelling surgeries because a mystery substance has called into question the safety of the sterilized surgical instruments. To be generous, stuff happens. But this isn’t the first time we have had such problems in the province. How … Continue reading

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Don’t study it, do it

The image to the left is a wheel. This particular wheel is from a Roman wine wagon and is 2,000 years old. While the wheel has been in use for 8,000 years, Nova Scotia keeps trying to reinvent it. The … Continue reading

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Why such a gobsmackingly large increase in malpractice insurance?

One of the many current controversies in health care is who will pay for obstetrical malpractice insurance. The Province has traditionally paid the lion’s share of the annual premium. This year the Province has balked at paying the traditional 90 … Continue reading

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Patient privacy and technology

Technology will help health care be more efficient. It will save patients pain and frustration, help medical personnel more quickly see patients since fewer questions have to be asked, and ultimately save money. But health care workers need to learn … Continue reading

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