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There should be no exemptions of public compensation

The Nova Scotia Nurses Union (NSNU) want the province’s nurses excluded from the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act (PSCDA). This is the act introduced by the NDP that requires publication of names and incomes of all public sector employees earning … Continue reading

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A surgeon’s prescription for change

Dr. Jan Sundin is another voice summarizing the problems of, and suggesting solutions, to the problem with health care in Nova Scotia. It is an important read: Dr. Sundin provides a précis of our problems: “…the major problem with … Continue reading

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Is seniors’ care based on a false premise?

The headlines du jour are about the stress and waitlists for home care. The conversation is about the demographic tsunami. But the question remains: why didn’t anyone plan for it? As I’ve written before, generations of Nova Scotians didn’t … Continue reading

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