Sound familiar?

This morning a travel trade magazine carried an article about the television series Undercover Boss.

I was struck by how seemingly well-managed companies had startlingly staff and communication problems just like those I witnessed in the health care system.

For example, the article says, “these bosses often discovered a disconnect between frontline crews and management.”

Talk to any nurse, any doctor, any hospital employee and they wouldn’t dispute this when applying it to their hospital.

The article says the head of Frontier Airlines, Bryan Bedford, heard his employees grouse about parts of their jobs, but he also heard them voice ideas that he felt would improve morale and efficiency.

“Did you tell anyone about these ideas?” he asked one ramp attendant.

“Yeah, I talk to management about this stuff, and they never listen” was the candid and disheartening response.

“I realized then that every employee has a story,” Bedford said. “Management has to stop thinking of employees as numbers on a spread sheet.”

Are you listening health care administrators? Probably not.

Anyone have examples of poor management? We’d love to hear about them.

You can read the whole article here:

1 Response to Sound familiar?

  1. Patrick Hayes says:

    Mt wife passed away ay the early age of 61 yrs with Alzehimers. I spent 10 yrs. dealing with a poorly mananaged health care system. Do I have some stories to tell ! I had problems with doctors, hospitals, and one nursing home. I firmly believe that the system is geared to exclude the dying and aged.

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